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Fuzzy's Aufgabe

FuzzyCurrent GOAL:  To travel the world and collecting pictures of me with all kind of dices. The Travel Bug should visit the world, especially Las Vegas, NV, and then return home to Hamburg, Germany.

About this item:
Fuzzy, the Dice is a very sad fuzzy dice. His owner is a dice-collecter. He has much dices of all kind, but he didn't like fuzzy-dices very much. Especially if there are a keychain. But Fuzzy, the Dice, has made a plan to get into the collection of his owner. He wants to travel the world. See strange places... And: See other dices. So he wants to be photographed with other dices (the stranger the better). With a huge collection of photos of him and other dices of around the world he hopes to be part of the growing collection of his owner. And who knows... Maybe he can talk somebody into sending his special dices to his owner. He think that will help him. He thinks that visiting Las Vegas, NV, will be a great idea. The city know for his casinos... there must be much dices! Maybe he can visit one too. If you have some special dices and want to help Fuzzy, the Dice, then his owner will surely be glad to be contacted for sending.

Fuzzy's Traum - zerstört
Fuzzy's Traum

( "Fuzzy, the dice" Travelbug Webseite)

Update: Fuzzy's Traum wurde zerstört. Er hat Las Vegas, sein erstes Ziel erreicht. Und ich hätte ihn liebend gerne in meine Sammlung aufgenommen. Doch leider wurde Fuzzy, the Dice gestohlen! :(

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